Afghan American Publications

30 May
Afghan American publications are central to any effort to reach the community. In the U.S., Publications are present in the top ten cities with large community concentration. Publications cater to local community and reflect community diversity. AMC has acquired knowledge of community media and its relative effectiveness. AMC has built a track record in effective use of Afghan print media to deliver cost effective results to advertising clients.



  • Omaid Weekly
  • Zeba Magazine
  • Assar Magazine
  • Payam Ashena
  • Afghan News
  • Afghanistan Voice
  • Ayendah E-Afghan
  • Majala Ayana Afghanistan (Afghanistan Mirror)
  • Nama-e-Khurasan
  • Voice of Peace
  • Sabawoon Magazine
  • Ayendah E-Afghan
  • Angel Fire
  • Sookham
  • Sakala
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